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    I’ve posted photos on my blog by inserting a gallery. They show up fine when I view them with Internet Explorer. But when I use the Mozilla Firefox browser, they are all out of whack. My blog address is

    I read other similar posts, but I still couldn’t figure out the way to solve this problem. Help!


    I forgot to post the page I am having difficulty with is “Nkumba Leadership Photos”. Thanks.



    In general, there is an image resizing issue right now. Click on the “image resize problem” tag I just added to see the other threads.

    Odd that the one thread where staff is going to post official updates is marked “sticky” but doesn’t appear in the sticky headers of the Support forum. (Another bug?)


    I’m surprised they show up ok with IE! Anyway, the problem is due to the default setting for a gallery, which is 3 images per row. Go to the page editor and add this after the word gallery (with a space inbetween):


    Thank you Panaghiotisadam! This solved the problem on both IE and Firefox. (And you’re right…it ended up not working with IE either.)

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