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Firefox vs. Safari Image Header Problems

  1. heyjohnsullivan

    Hey All,

    I uploaded a custom image header 760x200 in the Kubrick theme. It shows up fine in Safari, but it refuses to show up in Firefox?

    Any Ideas?

  2. We need a link to your blog to see what is happening.

  3. heyjohnsullivan

  4. FWIW, I only see blue in IE7.

    (that first photo on your blog is great!)

  5. That is so weird. I have absolutely no idea. Running it through the CSS validator at W3C it shows a couple errors you might want to look at.

  6. heyjohnsullivan


    the funny thing is though, the css errors are universal, so it still won't explain why the header only shows in safari and not other browsers.

    I tried uploading through firefox just to see if it was a matter of a browser/uploader match, it wasn't; it showed up in safari, but not firefox.

    Kind of sucks, because im really feeling the design on the header.

  7. Now I'm dying to see it. I wonder if you make it a px smaller in both directions if that would work?

  8. Should be - a few px smaller. sigh...

  9. Yes, some people have reported that making it a bit smaller fixes issues.

    I'm not seeing anything but the Kubrick blue in Firefox Not even a blog name.

  10. Here's the file link to the header. Camino (Firefox-based-Mac-nerd-browser) tells me it's broken.

  11. I'm pretty sure the problem is with Firefox 2 (it's engine) as the pic shows up in FF3, no problem.

    Try including this header image (for your dial-up readers it's 90% less in filesize).

  12. That second URL came up right away. The first one, the actual file, gave me this error:

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

  13. It's Gecko, Firefox' rendering engine, in FF2. I converted the pic to a much smaller PNG that displays fine (Don't get me started about the grace and beauty of the PNG format ;-) )

  14. heyjohnsullivan

    AWESOME. worked like a charm.

    Thanks all.

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