First blog, Need criticism..

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    I have just created my first blog, the reason i created it was quite simple, i had an idea, i wanted to built on the idea, and i want others to benefit from the information i gather, now i need some help, Yes i am a noob when it comes to blogging, this is my first.

    I have bought a new cheap domain to re-direct to my blog, i am hoping this might make it look a bit more professional and easier to type,

    I am needing help “Getting it out there”, i have come across sites on google “advertise your blog for free etc etc”, but there are always catches, i am looking for a list of about 5-6 sites that i could easily understands and my blog would benefit from.
    I’ve suggested my URL, to google and yahoo etc, but i am looking for a directory of some kind, specifically built for BLOG’s.

    I also need help knowing whats “in” and what is a “must have” on my blog, i don’t understand RSS etc (im working on understanding that now lmao).
    Anyways, any criticism would be much appreciated, Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    man how do i change the background?



    Click on appearance and then themes, to change the header click “change header”, again under the “appearance” tab, if you need me to make a header, explain what you will need and im sure i could get something together, for a small fee ofcourse.



    treyno, there are some critique threads in the off Topic forum, so try posting there. Also, do a search of Support and the FAQ for beginner resources; those should keep you pretty busy.

    @wrestlingentertainment, we can’t answer without a link to the blog, because the answer depends on the blog. The instructions from treyno will not work; he’s talking about a header and you’re talking about a background.

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