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    These are the plugins I’m missing (not critical but would be nice to have):

    Collapsible everything (e.g. blogroll, archives, etc)
    Contact Form
    Google Analytics
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    Note that due to being here my first day, some of the above capabilities may in fact be enabled and I’m just unaware of them.




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    Welcome to We do not have plugins here.

    Collapsible everything (e.g. blogroll, archives, etc)-> Some things can be set this way, but some just can’t.

    bbPress-> If you can find a place to host it, you can link to it using a Custom Menu. does not host forums.

    Contact Form-> standard at

    Google Analytics-> not doable at, although you can use other external stats counters, HTML only.

    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin-> use Zemanta, which functions in the same way.



    Thanks for the informative reply, I’ll definitely check out the contact form and Zemanta then.

    I’m not so concerned about a forum in the here and now, but it may be useful to have a year or two down the line. Who knows, maybe by then the WP gods will have graced us with a bbPress-like feature…



    I’ve been here almost seven years, and I’d bet money against it. They really want to be a focused blogging tool. There are lots of forum hosts around doing a fine job, and using a custom menu means it’s almost an invisible transition.



    Automattic launched a hosted forum service called TalkPress a few years ago, but it doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere. It is possible that once bbPress is stable that they may implement it here on but I’m not convinced that will happen any time soon.

    Google Analytics seems unlikely since Google are Automattics direct competitor and they already have their own stats system built in.

    Related posts plugins are notoriously heavy on server load, so I suspect that you won’t be seeing support for that sort of functionality here any time soon.



    @ryanhellyer-TalkPress looks to be a dead end. Even clicking on the TalkPress link in the bbPress site post about it leads to the VIP Hosting page (?!)

    As rain said above, we have Zemanta for related links built in already. :)

    The addition of integrated forums has been a long-standing request, but I also doubt we’ll see anything, soon or late.

    But then, we finally got our #1 request for a lightbox-type viewer and look where that took us. /rolleyes

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