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First line of PHP files

  1. WordPress uses a large # of PHP scripts. The problem
    on our server is that every PHP script must contain
    the following as the first line:


    Does anyone have a quick sed-based Unix script to
    achieve this, or a way around it? Thanks.

  2. OOPS! You seem to be in the wrong place. is a MU (multi-user) blogging platform. We run on a different code base than the version you can download from and you will get different answers to your questions here. The forum for self hosted and web hosted wordpress blogs is located over here You may want to take a few moments and read this description about the different versions of WordPress software.
    Happy blogging! :)

  3. Especially since we don't have access to the PHP code. :)

    TT, I edited (or will edit shortly) your cut and paste a bit. I hope you don't mind. :)

    edit: I still don't totally like how I edited it but I think you can see how I'm trying to give a reason why they're on the wrong site.


  4. Thanks - I was unaware of the difference. It seems that
    I have an issue only with the download
    since I see now that provides the blog
    capability transparently to the blogger without setting
    up a server.

  5. @drmike
    Who me - mind the editing? Of course not, it's just what I was looking for [she purred]. ;)

  6. Gotta admit that I would like to work in the 'Read me first before posting' bit into that description link as well.


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