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  1. Tenho uma ideia: e se quando abro o wordpress aparecessem blogs portugueses em vez de blogs para mim estrangeiros
    Não entenderam?

    I have an idea: what if when I open wordpress blogs appear Portuguese instead of blogging for me foreign
    Do not understand?

    ok, everbody have google translator, but its not the same...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here is how to adjust your language settings:

    There are also support forums in Portuguese:
    Português (Portuguese):
    Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese):

  3. I speak about that:!/read/fresh/

    The same it etc etc

    One week ago, or something like that, we have here portuguese blogs. It's ok.
    Now you put american blogs. Sorry, but its stupid. WordPress its the best in the world, not in a part off the world...

  4. Oh. I understand. There are lots of problems with the new reader.
    See this topic.

    I'll move this back to the Ideas forum. You can add your question to that thread if you like. I'll also put a modlook here so staff will see it when they return tomorrow.

  5. Hi there - this issue should now be fixed and!/read/fresh/ should now be visible in Portuguese.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  6. Ok, good work.

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