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First post ever, looking for constructive criticism and a little guidance

  1. So I decided to make this blog more or less as a journal or a place for me to release my thoughts, but something I'd like for someone in the future to see. Why not my grand kids? I'm 22 years old, and for some really strange reason, I feel like I will be the most awesome grandfather ever.

    I would like some critique on everything really, I'm new to setting up pages and such, I'm sure I can make things look much prettier. I'd also like some feed back on the content itself, if it's heading in the right direction or not.

    Here it is, and thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unique concept. It reminds me of How I met your mother. I like the template you chose. It really fits the theme. I'd create an about section to explain the whole concept.

  3. I like the idea! One thing I'd recommend is including plenty of photos. Fewer and fewer people have the attention span to sit through lots and lots of text, especially on a computer, unless there are plenty of photos as well. If this is really going to be for your grandchildren you can expect them to want even more entertainment than we do now!

    As for content, it will get better and better with practice. Just remember that a blog is an ongoing project so you can focus on the moment rather than trying to get everything in at once. Better to have lots and lots of short to medium interesting posts than a few longer ones. Good luck!

  4. onelofajourney

    I really like your layout, as mentioned above it seems to fit your theme!

    I would suggest decreasing the space in between your paragraphs (shift + enter). And, add categories and tags so that others can find it easier. Maybe add some photos?

    Overall, I really enjoy your theme and that you continue it throughout your posts as if you really are talking to your future grandkids... keep up the good work. develop a schedule for posts and stick to it!

    here's mine if you want to compare? Although my theme is just law school life.

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