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    Hello all – I’m a boob. The very first post I wrote a few days ago suddenly seems to have been usurped in place order. How do I get it back to being the first post people see.

    The blog I need help with is



    Blogs are organized chronologically by default, with the most recent post at the top.

    If you want to override this, in the Publish box to the right of the post in the edit screen, click the “Edit” link next to Publish immediately to edit the publish date and time, but that could get tedious rather quick.

    If you have one particular post that you want to remain on top, set it as a Sticky post:


    @felicityfidget, also go to settings > general and make sure the time offset from GMT/UTC is set correctly for your particular time zone.



    If you for some reason want to view your blogs posts from first to last, in chronological order (by default blog posts appear in reverse-chronological order) append ?order=ASC to your blog’s adddress.

    For example,


    @felicityfidget, the first two posts can sometimes get out of order. When you create a blog, the hello world post comes in and the date and time for that post is actually on GMT/UTC. If you then go and change the time zone to your time zone, your actual first post will reflect the the time you publish it in your time zone. The original post’s date is not updated when you change time zones. This can cause the hello world post to actually end up showing above your actual post, depending on your time zone.


    Gosh – Thank-you ALL. Everything has worked and I appreciate it greatly. Unfortunately, you may be hearing a lot of inane questions coming from my part of the world. Will try not to overload you



    No worries. Always do a search of the Support documents first, because you’ll often find the question’s been answered already, and that saves you a lot of time.

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