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    I just purchased the CSS upgrade for my blog at I am relatively new to CSS. On my home page, the post title “Summer Class Opportunity:SoArt!” is getting cut off on the top. I had this same problem on my pages and fixed it with padding code like this– padding-top:10px. It didn’t work on my entry title code where I set the colors for this same text. It only does it on the first post under the header image, so maybe it is code for something above the text itself that I need to change??? I am using the Coraline theme. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    And while I’m at it, is there a way to add images to post titles with the CSS Upgrade?


    I’m not seeing this in Firefox or in Safari. Did you get it fixed, or if not, what browser are you seeing this in?


    Try this:

    .entry-title {
    line-height: 36px;

    This sort of thing can happen when fonts are changed and especially it seems with Typekit fonts. They don’t see to adhere to a real font-sizing standard like print based fonts, so you can pull 6 fonts from there, specify them as all the same size, and they will all be different heights onscreen.



    I have no idea what happened, but I was playing around with background colors (on posts) and now it is fine. (Even though I deleted all the code I was trying for background colors and it is just the same as it was before.) Who knows. Thank you for the back up plan in case it comes back!

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