First posts first. New posts should come after previous posts.

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    I don’t want my most recent posts to show up first. I want my first posts to show up first. Can I make this happen?
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    The blog I need help with is



    No. Blogs are structured to display posts show in reverse chronological order (newest at top) so that your fresh content is on the top of the main page for returning visitors. For returning visitors, having the latest post at perhaps the bottom of the 200th page of posts isn’t very convenient. For first time visitors to your site, they will typically come directly to a post from a search engine, not to the front page. That said, this is one option for you: .


    Thank you. Obviously you are right, and all the blogs I’ve ever read work that way. Weird how hard it is for someone like me to let go of the old chronology.



    Best wishes with your blog. :)


    You are very gracious; thank you again. Guess I better put a photo alongside my name so I don’t look like something you can scan with your phone! I am sort of new to blogging and completely ignorant about it. (That’s one reason why I’m doing it.)

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