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First Support Question

  1. Is this thing on?

  2. Yes.

  3. Yup, works :)

  4. Finally! We have a platform where we can mingle with each other!


  5. Wow, Matt and the team do listen!

  6. Found it! ;)

  7. ...


    am i missing out on something good?

  8. No, not missing anything. I was looking for the very first forum post as I was bored. In the "things you want improved" thread there's a post from me while I was looking for it. The forum counts to 83 pages but there's only posts from page 78.

    I was just saying that I had found the first post...


  9. Where did you find this? I can't seem to find anything past a day or two. :(

  10. ok so cornell's deciphered his flummoxing post - what about matt podz brennan and carlbanks? it seems like they're having a conversation each by themselves...

  11. Nosy - you need to click "support" at the bottom of the main forum page, click page "83" and then edit the URL in your address bar to say "75" instead of whatever's there. You can get to any page that way.


  12. ...

    now i finally get it


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