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    Yes rain, tried that. nada. Has anyone else tried to reply to blog? I know its most likely something I am missing. thx for the help anyways. grateful for all who have tried to help.



    I have left comments there before but lately have had the same problem you’re having. It tells me I need to log in. So I click on LOG IN and it takes me to a worldpress page that already says “Wecome Varitekchick” so I AM logged in. But if I go back to 38pitches, hit refresh, it still doesn’t recognize me as logged in. VERY frustrating. I’m going to try the cookie and cache thing…



    I have found that the more I blog, the more I care about the appearance and the theme. It sort of starts out with a bit more experimentation and then I just get geeky about it..hehe. ;)



    I am new out in blogging.. yes I am searching for information how to get started in blogging.. so can anyone help me ..I will be really very thankful



    Please read the first reply in this thread and follow the link sulz provided to the faq.

    Another excellent resource is



    Usefull advice.



    Thanks guys. All of you. I am a new comer in these waters and I sure have learned a lot. Do please continue.



    @nyagie – Welcome. Please follow the link to the FAQ in the first reply in this thread. Also check out this:

    You’ll be well on your way. Unfortunately, the blog I referenced above is no longer available, but you can lose yourself in all the information here, both in the faq and with whatever you might enter in the search boxes in this forum and at the FAQ.



    This is my first time blogging, but i think we need a new party and its name should be demarep… if i dont like the party they select for me i’ll vote demarep.. i dont like the way they shove the candidates down everyone throat and then tell them what their opinion is of that candidate.. the news media goes tooooooo far.. I am a Hillary fan myself, to each his or her own. but i am not an Opera fan. My opinion is everyone thinks a vote for obama is a vote for Opera, which may be so. Talk about change, Dr jeckel and MR. Hide was a change … IF hillary does not make it ,count me in on being a republican this year.. What say you, Does anyone else feel the way i do.. Frances



    Hello Friends
    My first time blogging as well.
    Christian thought about my self.
    Have you ever seen or heard of some one who can answer the question where do I come from.
    I am righting about me self, I was in heaven as a spirit child with no parents and come across a remains of a old out dated battlefield of buildings destroyed with columns laying down on the ground made of white stone.
    And this first thing I seen was clear blue sky with white clouds not a hospital.
    But sky its self. And I ended up on the ground and chaseing a small boy ahead of me.
    And we both to make a long story short.
    Ended up in a gray to smokey looking area passing up others.
    And he disapeared on me.
    And I had fell through a hole some place to slide down a slick wall of a light spear from above me.
    And had balls of of light coming at me from my right luminateing a small leg of which I gave no thought too at the time.
    It had a small foot attached to it.
    I was trying to avoid the lights because they scared me in such a way I knew not.
    And I turned over where I fell down at and tried toescape only to find my self stuck neck deep with my head bounceing around in open air here geting wet in the face ofcourse.
    And a large hand wipeing my face with a unknown ruff deviceat the time.
    I had no idea that this ofcourse was my mortal child birth then.
    For me.
    You see I am 51 now and have went through the hole thing here recalling it every day.
    This large thing that I was stuck in here.
    Turned out to be my mortal mother in the hospital then.
    And I had shrunk in size from about 3 feet down to 21 inches and small enough for live birth.
    No I am not crazzie I asure you.
    This was a live birth for me and my book is now go forth and teach the people at
    And this is no sales pitch.
    I have yet to get any one to tell me why we are allowed to remember going through such a thing in our lives unless God had entended for it to be.
    Book is 69 pages.
    with drawings by me.
    If some one has had such expierence
    I would not mind knowing about it.
    paperback or hardback



    And…do you have a blog? Why not put this there?




    i am new user of WordPress blog. i want to change theme. but icant understand what ot do or not. confused very much…

    plese help me out….



    Go to your Dashboard, then Presentations, then Themes. You can select any of them.

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