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    This is my first time to wordpress and I want to build a website. I’m confused because I did the sign-up on the site. I checked out the dashboard and couldn’t find where I can do a webste from scratch without a template. Then I downloaded wordpress from a website and I don’t understand a bit of it!!

    I just want to build a website before I sign-up for upgrades and such. I want to make sure I like it. I have built many many websites so I just wanted to check out your editor platform and I am not having success.

    Please help. Tina Cook [redacted] [redacted email]
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    Please read this comparison do you are clear on the differences between free hosted blogs and installs for self hosting.

    Blogs are post based structures that provide for and encourage interactive communication. Websites are page based structures that operate as a one-way noticeboards.

    A WordPress blog can either be structured as a page based website or its conventional post based blog structure can be retained. That’s why understanding the differences between posts and pages, comprehending the SEO implications of creating a page based structure, and knowing how to use custom menus are key to decision making when selecting a theme, and setting up your blog.

    See here for a step by step guide > Using to Create a Website
    See also



    On one hand, none of the characteristic “blog” features like categories, tags, authors, dates, etc. can be removed from a free hosted blog without purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing.

    On that other hand, one can edit a theme free of charge. That’s why I suggested you read this comparison > and The Differences



    Hi Tina,

    I just want to check to see if Timethief’s information helped you, or if you had any further questions about the distinction between and




    Given your foundation knowledge, I suggest you start here with no upgrades at all and get comfortable with it before trying to decide about upgrades, self-hosting, or other technical issues. It’s easy to start.



    I agree with raincoaster.



    I also agree, as it turns out.

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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