First-time wordpress user with a couple dumb questions…

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    I’m working on a new blog at Can someone please throw me a lifeline on a couple questions that I’m sure have obvious answers? Here goes:

    1. How do I update the content in that “Coming Up” box on the right hand side of my blog page?
    2. How do I tweak the layout of the blog so that it’s more of an appetizer tray of stories (a box here, a story there, a quiz someplace else, etc.) rather than just one blog entry at a time?
    3. How do I go in and edit that “About Michelle Burford” sidebar box (someone else set this up for me and I have no clue how they did that….)

    Thanks for ANY help you can offer me!

    The blog I need help with is



    Your blog seems highly customized with CSS upgrade. I don’t see how you are a new blogger (unless someone has setup this blog for you?). Many of the answers you seek can be found by the person who has customized your blog, I don’t see nothing out of the box at your blog to help you out. Perhaps other volunteer or support person can look things up for you.



    On your admin page go to Appearance > Widgets in the sidebar. The “About Me” and “Coming Up” sections are both text widgets which you can edit from here, they will appear on the right side of the page.

    Your entries display in the order you post them, this is just the way blogs work. If you want to include other articles then post them in the order you want them to appear. You can always tag/categorise them differently so that people can view or subscribe only to certain types of posts.


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