first try paying $49 computer got confused, tried again paid twice?

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    Silly newbie here…..when I signed up and then decided to go the $49 way, computer and paypal got all confused and wouldn’t seem to process the amount as it was trying $23 and $49. I closed the window as that was the only way to get rid of it, had a break then went back and tried again with success but then saw in my emails from at least 10 mins before that a payment confirmation from paypal, for $49 so in effect I think I paid twice and I have cancelled the second transaction, so now I am confused as to what my standing is…..Is someone able to check whether I have in fact sorted it myself by sending the cancellation for the second transaction…..I really do want the $49 bundle, but only want to pay for it once! Sorry to be a pain in the neck…….

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve tagged this thread for staff attention and they should respond soon and get this taken care of for you.



    It looks like you were able to cancel and refund this.

    Did you need any further assistance?


    Hiya. I was just checking whether I did pay it twice. Is it showing that I have paid the $49 twice and cancelled once? I want that package and not sure if it has still gone thru once now instead of twice. Could you let me know please? Thanks so much



    We’ve only received one transaction from you.

    If your statement shows two charges, would you please take a screenshot of just that segment and send it to ?

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