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Five Million Blogs and Counting

  1. By the numbers, WordPress.COM should hit its 5 millionth blog within the next 24 hours. Quite astonishing. Congrats!

  2. 5 million... That's a big number.

  3. It's pretty damn amazing. We made it, btw.

    Actually, I've been thinking of doing a WordPress.COM Wordcamp. There are enough users, and the regular Wordcamp organizers tend to be developers or designers who make a living off the independently-hosted software, so they're not thrilled with at all.

    I suggested a talk on to a local Wordcamp and the actual reply was, "Well, we're trying to keep it to just INTERESTING topics..."

  4. Five million is an amazing number, considering that less than two years ago it was less than a half-million.

    Still, it's not that accurate. In the October wrap-up on the blog they wrote there were slightly more than 1.4 million active blogs - meaning blogs that actually got at least ONE human visitor.

    Doing a little math, that puts the number of inactive blogs at around 3.6 million. (!!)

    So in other words, there are more than twice as many dead, inactive blogs on wordpress than there are actually being worked on, read, updated, and so on.

  5. wordcamps doesn't include so if they ever have on in malaysia looks like i can't go... :(

  6. They occasionally throw in one workshop, but it's almost exclusively stuff like "optimal plugins for SEO" or "php and me" or whatever. Because it's usually organized by people who make their living doing stuff like that, and they don't think is "real."

    All it takes is sufficient expression of interest. After all, most people who start at and keep going with it probably end up at after a couple of years. So this way, they could grow their own customers.

    I may just organize a WordPress.COM camp myself for sometime next year. I've done conventions before, and I think this would be the first of its kind in the world.

    And I'd FINALLY be able to give my talks that I have all laid out, waiting to be given. Not that I'm fucking bitter about that.

  7. theunhappycamper


    I just wondered how many of those blogs have been abandoned.

  8. I'd come to hear you, rain. Definitely need more WordPress.COM airtime. Did get some at WordCamp2008Israel, but certainly not enough.

    I keep repeating myself, given the numbers, it'd be great if WordCamp loved WordPress.COM a little more.

  9. Developers and site installers and designers have no IMMEDIATE reason to support as all users don't need them, but it's a great way to build community and grow some bloggers who might call you in two years.

    But I'll get on this. Already talking dates. How does early August work for you guys?

  10. That was the gist of the talk at WordCamp2008Israel.

    August? Perfect for me. I have lots of vacation days coming and maybe I'll be visiting family in the lower 48 Canadian provinces during that time. ;)

  11. Looks like we may be a go...nailing down the venue in the next 30 days. It will be good: trust me, I have high standards. I don't like rent-a-venues, I don't like bar whiskey, I don't like cut-and-paste events.

    This one will focus on optimizing and content. IE making you a better blogger!

  12. yes! good job WP! and I'm looking forward to WP upgrade of IE. :-)

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