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Five word game

  1. Add words to the sentence to make a crazy story.
    have fun!

  2. An obese goat was eating

  3. cottage cheese in the himalayas

  4. when a man carrying a wineskin

  5. took a sack full of

  6. potatoes that were not quite

  7. firm and had some worms

  8. scattering around his kitchen table. . . .

  9. when suddenly a giant possum

  10. attacked the goat and stole

  11. his newly won Golden Ticket. . . .

  12. stuffed it far up his backside

  13. only for him to shit...

  14. thistimethisspace

    became an impaction problem

  15. thistimethisspace

    insert "serious" above - i forgot it :(

  16. and exploded. The possum nibbled

  17. at the exploded impaction (gross)...

  18. and was transformed into a

  19. rabbit that was happily jumping

  20. and leading Alice closer to

  21. the mirror to another dimension

  22. This dimension, however was really

  23. a reality TV show starring

  24. the one and only honourable...

  25. lettershometoyou

    politician left in Washington, who..

  26. was offering the chance to

  27. win one million dollars if

  28. the rabbit slaughtered the goat.

  29. The goat and rabbit suddenly. . . .

  30. joined forces and plotted to

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