fix formatting after changing the_excerpt to the_content

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    Good morning.

    I am working on customizing a template for someone. I have run into something I do not know how to fix, and after searching the forums and the net have not yet found a solution. Hoping you can help.

    Example at:

    User has chosen the theme Monochrome:

    In the typical installation of Monochrome the archive/category pages show excerpts with READ MORE. User wants to display full posts on archive and category pages so I have replaced the code in archive.php etc to reflect: the_content() instead of the_excerpt().

    What I don’t know how to correct is now that we’re showing the full post rather than the wp generated excerpt (these are not self-created excerpts) the html and formatting is still stripped on archive and category pages. Simply pasting the post into the self-generated excerpt field does not work for this.

    Once I have full posts showing, how do I make them show as typed with full formatting on the archive and category pages? User wants it to display the entire post as typed, paragraphs, photos, everything.

    Thanks for any suggestions.



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