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Fixed Header for Twenty Eleven Theme?!

  1. Is there any code out there that can freeze/give me a fixed header for the new Twenty Eleven Theme? I've been searching everywhere and at this point i just want to know if it's possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Of course, just pick one header under Dashboard>Appearance>Header and don't use the "Random" setting. You can also upload your own.

  3. Eek I should have been more specific. By fixed/freeze header I meant having the header remain on the page as you scroll through posts. Im sure there was a better way i could have said that!

    Like in
    Not the best example but the same idea only with a header in my situation.

    Thanks for responding tho justjennifer!

  4. Set a header image but do not set featured images for your posts. If you set a featured image for a post or a page, when you view that post or page the featured image will be used as the header for that post or page.

  5. Twenty Eleven has not this capability. but there is another theme Oulipo , which has the exact property... see here

  6. The blog you mentioned isn't hosted on and isn't using Twenty Eleven, so I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean you want the header to "float" over the other content while scrolling down the page, then, no, it is not possible with the theme "as is" out of the box. It might be possible with a working knowledge of CSS and the paid Custom Design upgrade.

  7. @wpgaurav, that is a definite possibility. The "header" and navigation of that theme is on the side rather than at the top, so the appearance of "floating".

  8. @justjennifer I thought he was looking for such a theme.

  9. I missed by a mile.

  10. thanks for the help everyone! wpgaurav i might just completely switch over to a new theme such as the one you gave me. hopefully i can find one where the header is "floating" if not use the one you provided.

    justjennifer: thanks for the info. i actually have been looking for more info on adjusting this in regards to CSS but have had no luck.

    I preferably would like to adjust this in the CSS rather than switch completely.
    I am continuing my search..But if anyone has any further theme suggestions of know of the correct coding in order to adjust my twenty twelve then that would be great!

  11. hi @rbsnapshots! If you need to do it with custom CSS, then start a new thread in CSS customization (but remember, use Floating instead of Fixed) , you'll surely get a good answer.
    ~News~ launches another theme like that: Esquire ( ) Have a look!

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