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    Hi all,

    First off, I know that the free themes are limited in possibilities when it comes to changing settings and usually I´m fine with that. However, what I just don´t understand is why – for example – the Nishita team (great by the way) always defaults to a 1024×295 header. 295 is just too high and it makes the pages look weird.

    Surely it must be possible to fixing the width without constraining the hight of a header?

    On my site I´d rather use 1024×200 to show more content. The current implementation doesn´t really look nice on small screens, because the header takes up half of it to. Not good for a photo/portfolio blog…


    The blog I need help with is


    That was the theme designer’s choice to have a taller header. If you want a shorter header then you can change it via CSS by purchasing the Custom Design Upgrade.



    Yes, I know.

    I only wish designers where a bit more flexible, even with the free themes…


    The problem is, there is sort of a limit as to what you can provide for free since, well, theme designers have to eat and pay bills just the same as we do (at least that is what they claim). I’ve talked with some designers that have some very sophisticated themes with lots of features and capabilities build right into them (premium themes) and by the time they got it designed, debugged and released they had 200 or 300 hours in them. If you have a day job to pay your bills and feed yourself, then that is an awful lot of late nights (read: no life). And then there are the hundreds of hours a year required to keep up with bugs, browser changes, wordpress changes, conflicts with plugins, feature updates, etc. (Just keeping up with the circus that is Internet Explorer is a lifetime job.) Each time a theme designer releases a theme, it is like having another child. It cries, it wants attention, it wants fed, it needs new clothes, Billy next door is picking on it…


    I too though would like to see some more features become “standard” for themes in general. It is going that way. You are starting to see feature-creep bringing premium features into free themes. It just takes time.



    Hey, I know :-)

    I do photowork and usually people want everything for free with a discount :-)

    Sometimes I think that there is a guy out there who feeds coins to a machine that makes the sun shine…

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