Fixing a problem with flickr

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    I tried uploading a photo via Flickr to my most recent post, but I’m not sure how to place the photo where I want it and have the text wrap around it. Where the photo is in the post is in the proper place I want it, but I’d like the text to wrap around it on the left-hand side. Also, there’s some odd css/html coding at the top of the entry; why does this appear, and what will happen if I remove it?



    What do you mean by the CSS/HTML at the top of the entry? Is that before you put the link to the Flickr image in?

    Flickr gives two options for your photos. the first is just the link to the image, the second is full html.

    You will need to use the first option and put it in normal wordpress image tags.

    Placing the image is simply a case of inserting the image tag where you want it. To align the image so that text wraps you can add align=”left” or “right”.

    Hope this helps.


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