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Fixing sidebar images so they don't look stupid

  1. I'd like my sidebar images to sit properly in the sidebar. I want them centered, with a thin black border, and spaced evenly between each other. Like they would be in a Flickr widget, actually...

    you can see the stupid-looking images here:

  2. Ok that should be

  3. Your URL is actually (no www at the beginning)

    To fix your pictures, add <div align="center"> and put </div> at the end of all the code. Also, make sure you have <p> and </p> on either side of each picture. The black border may only be possible with custom CSS, sorry.

  4. Thanks. You said "at the end of the code": where please?

    <img src="" alt="puppet face" /><img border="0" width="0" src="" height="1" />

    Does the <p> and </p> go between each picture on the text widget?


  5. Like this:

    <div align="center">
    First picture's information
    Second picture's information
    Third picture's information
    Fourth picture's information

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