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Fixing the menu to the top of the page

  1. notchangingmyname

    Thanks to help that I've received in the forum previously, I already know how to fix the menu to the top or the bottom of the page. What I'm looking to do now is create the effect found at the following link:

    See how the menu starts below the header, but as you scroll down it becomes fixed to the top? That's what I want. Is it possible with CSS?

    Thanks in advance!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Basically, you can do so by placing the navigation (#navigation) in the position of absolute ("position: absolute"). But it also depends on the theme you are using. To the theme you are using is not currently possible. Please check this article.

  3. notchangingmyname

    Thanks, i figured it out, kinda

  4. I like what you have with your sticky bottom menu. Can you share how you did it?

  5. @houstonweaver, I remember that she has posted it before. Check it out here:

  6. @notchangingmyname, the smart sticky menu in the example you linked actually uses a bit of Javascript, and so there's not a way to add it to a blog since doesn't allow you to add Javascript. Sorry about that.

    Here's a tutorial I found in case you're still curious about how it works:

  7. @designsimply. Thanks. Should have thought to check out previous post.

  8. I only knew to check because I helped out in the 2nd part of that thread. :)


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