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    So I’m new to the world of blogging so I’m not too hip with the lingo and have been trying my darnedest to achieve the look for which I was hoping!

    I’m using Fjords04 (without CSS) as my theme and am wondering if there is a way to customize it so that the first column is the most recent post, the second column is the second most recent post and the third column is the third most recent post?

    I’ve seen people do it when using Depo Masthead (and they even show that as an example in the tutorial) so I’m wondering since Fjords04 has multiple columns, if I’m able to place previous entries in columns?

    I’m hoping this makes sense. Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions! :)

    The blog I need help with is


    No, this cannot be done with CSS. The columns would have to be defined that way in the theme PHP script files. Right now there is one “content” column and three sidebars. Sidebars cannot be turned into content columns.


    So then does DePo Masthead have three “content” columns?

    Is there something that has more than one content column and also a photo header at the top?


    Yes that is how DePo Masthead is designed.

    Inuit types can have two content columns or one depending on how you make your settings in theme options. The latest post would be shown on the left, then next older post on the right. You would have to set it to display only 2 posts per page at settings > reading. Inuit Types does not have a custom header though.

    It seems to me there is another theme that you can set up with two content columns, but I cannot remember which one it is.


    Under The Influence is another theme with columns of posts on the home page.

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