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Flash Fiction Writers?

  1. I'm relatively new to WordPress, though not at all to the world of writing in general, and am hoping to find some other fiction writers on the site, preferably flash fiction though I'm open to anything that isn't INSANELY long. Basically I'm looking for other people who use their blogs primarily to post finished writing (versus personal blog entries or reposts, things like that) like I do. If you think you fit that description, let me know. :) Just trying to find more writing buddies!

    My own blog is here: OnlyFragments

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am new as of yesterday, but I took a look at some of your posts and I think you are a very strong writer. I write serial flash fiction, unnecessarily enigmatic short stories and poems. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  3. Great! Glad to connect with you. I just read your first entry and really enjoyed it. You have a very powerful way with words.

  4. Really enjoyed your blog. I was able to visualize him lying on the bathroom floor.

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. Bumping this with fingers crossed that more people will see it/

  7. *sneaky bump*

  8. *less sneaky bump*

  9. well OnlyFragments, I must say I absolutely loved your blog. I write fiction and poetry as well only that's not what my blog is about. I've already followed you (that doesn't mean I expect a followback. Although I would like it if someone did) But seriously, I really like your writing and look forward to reading more...

  10. :D Awesome! Thanks so much! I'd love to follow you back.

  11. Buuump.

  12. I post anything that comes to mind, but some of that is flach fiction I write.
    I'll check out your blog.

    Anyway, I'm super-tires, so if you didn't understand what I just said... Sorry.

  13. I do dabble in flash fiction, occasionally. Before starting on WordPress I wasn't even aware of the term, but I suppose it's good to have a name for it.
    Although I checked out your blog and most of my stuff is a bit longer, but hell if I know when you cross the 'border'...

  14. From my experience, "flash fiction" seems to be anything at or below 1,000 words. Not that that's a hard and fast rule, though. It's just a nice descriptor to use so people know I'm not posting stories of epic length, haha.

  15. Have found some great people through this post, so bumping it with hopes of finding more!

  16. I'm assuming someone would tell me if it's not acceptable to bump a post instead of creating a new one. Hope I'm not crossing any lines, haha.

  17. Um, what's this BUMP business?

  18. Ooh, er whoops! I forgot what I was about to say.

  19. It's me being too shy to actually post links to particular pieces of writing like everyone else does because I'm afraid people will be like "Why the hell did I waste my time on this?" XD

  20. @onlyfragments
    I doubt they'd think that my dear. Your work is bloody good. So enough of the self deprecating already.
    Oh and the 'what's this bump business' was me actually having a sly 'bump'. :-)

  21. Heehee, so was my response. ;)

  22. Ouch! I just *bumped* my big toe.

  23. Oh no! Does it need some medical *attention*?

  24. Ooh aah! I'll say. I may just bump into more furniture this evening. :)

  25. I was wondering why my user name was appearing in black instead of blue. Apparently it's because it has mature content.

  26. Ooh, interesting. I had considered making my blog mature content but a) it's not like any kids are going to read anyway and b) I have an issue with marking something mature content when it's the internet and really there's NOTHING I can write that's worse than what's already out there... XD

  27. My dear friends Edward & William want you to know, they love a bit of FLASH. Lol. And hugs to T&D

  28. Oh, I'll give them a bit of FLASH... ;)

  29. Good oh! They are being a little reticent lately. Hope T & D are a little more chatty. :)

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