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    Hi. My blog is olalaboutique.com and I purchased the domain here.

    I may want to change my site to something designed in Flash or Dreamweaver, which is the simplest way I can do that?

    The blog I need help with is olalaboutique.com.


    You will have to hire a web host and then build the flash site or dreamweaver site stand-alone (not within wordpress).


    Yes, something like that and then you will have to write the code for your new site (flash or whatever).

    One word on flash sites: They may look cool, but from a search engine standpoint, they are about the worst thing you can do. There ends up being virtually nothing that the search engines can index and that means your search engine ranking will always be low and it will be harder for people to find your site in searches.


    One other thing on flash sites. iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches don’t “do” flash, so you will be cutting out all those people from seeing your site, and just today Adobe announced that they are killing the mobile flash product which means that all the other smart phones and tablets will soon be flash-less as well.

    I would expect that flash for normal computers will get killed within the next year or so as well. Killing the mobile product will drive developers away from flash at the speed of light.

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