Flash uploader – jpeg file extensions need to be lower case.

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    I have just discovered (after about six months) why when using the
    Flash uploader for images on Firefox on Ubuntu, it usually can’t see the file I want to upload.
    It’s because the file extension has to be lower case, i.e. *.jpg not *.JPG.

    I could not find this documented anywhere. The problem started when I moved from Macintosh to Ubuntu. (Probably because my new graphics editor preserves the case of the file extension I have been editing.)

    I kept seeing these messages saying “You are using the Flash uploader. Problems? Try the Browser uploader instead.”, so I just assumed the Flash one was very buggy.



    Yup, I just pulled my hair out trying to figure why it wasn’t working, but I got it to work, just rename every file on your computer to lowercase jpg…which is a waste of time (although I have more time then money). I think that wordpress could probably fix it simply by allowing JPG and JPEG (on top of jpg and jpeg). As the flash uploader is the best thing around and part of what makes wordpress so great to post on.

    Please fix this wordpress.



    I was recently discussing this on Lloyd’s blog.


    It’s only bitten me a few times because I tend to use all lowercase file names.

    I wonder why it only hits the flash uploader, not the browser one.

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