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Flash Uploader not Working...

  1. Hi again..

    I'm having a problem with the Flash Uploader on my blogs, happens that until last week it was working perfectly, but now it is not working at all; all I get is the Browser Uploader and to be honest I miss the other one, it is much easer to upload a group of files i just one sitting..


    OS. Windows Vista Home Premium
    Flash Version.
    Browser. Firefox 2.0.17

    btw, I also tried on another browser and on another pc and it did not work.

    Glad if anyone can help me :)

  2. Click on the tag "flash" that you added to your thread and you'll see other discussions on this problem.

  3. Staff have mentioned recently that the flash uploader isn't
    capable with version 10 of flash you'll need to back the
    flash back to the 9 version or you'll need to deal with the
    browser uploader sorry.

    I also recommend upgrading your browser to Firefox 3.0.3

  4. ahhh domo domo.. thanks a lot .. i did not see those threads, sorry.. :)

  5. Damn, same problem here! :-(

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