Flattery or plagarism or what?

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    There were two comments marked as possibly spam that I just checked. One was simply a hello from someone saying they’d been reading my blog. Unspammed that one.

    The other was a bit weird. It led back to a blog(?) that seemed to consist entirely of excerpts from other blogs. That is, each post was a quotation from the original blog post followed by “to read the rest of this excellent post click here” which led back to my blog.

    So was this a notification that they had chosen my post that day to feature as an excellent one? Is that OK in blogland? Is that considered spam in blogland?

    In case it matters, the name of that blog was something on the order of “How to find inspiration” and my blog post had been inspired by a photoessay in the Guardian weekend section which I acknowleged.



    My guess is that the first comment you described was more likely to be spam than the second. If the first one, which said nothing more than “Hello,” contains a link to the poster’s site, it’s probably “link-spam,” posted just to generate the appearance that blogs are linking to that person’s site. I have no opinion about the second comment you described, but it doesn’t strike me as much of a problem.

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