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Fleshbot to WordPress platform!

  1. Gawker Media jettisons Fleshbot, its porn blog. Fleshbot will begin publishing its porn on the WordPress platform. Ugh....

  2. What? Really! Funny, because apparently Fleshbot makes a snotload of money. Denton doesn't usually get rid of things that make money.

    And hey, Fleshbot is smart porn, not just smut.

  3. Thanks, inneresting. I smell a story.

  4. @raincoaster,


  5. Quoting from the article:
    "it has already moved to the ubiquitous WordPress platform from Gawker’s custom publishing software".
    That is, it's a self-hosted site using wordpress.ORG software, not a wordpress.COM site.

  6. Ooooooo....

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