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    My site was developed with Twenty Ten. Desiring a wider (than 1,000 pixels?) display, I tried both Coraline and Twenty Eleven thinking flexible width would do the trick. No – the maximum width in both is the same as the fixed width in Twenty Ten. Are there any flexible width themes (Premium or Free) that offer a wider maximum?

    The blog I need help with is townsendpdx.com.


    Andreas04 and 09 will stretch to billions of pixels if your monitor was that wide. Rounded, Garland, Rubic, Shocking Blue Green, Silver is the new Black, Andrea…



    Thanks. I really don’t want to give up my custom menu and custom headers…


    The issue with flexible width themes is that static header images for two reasons.

    1. You can set the header image up so that it will resize, but that means that when the browser window is set really wide, the image will lose quality and look bad.

    2. If you set the image to a static size, then when you have the browser really wide, the image looks like a tiny clown hat on top of your pages.

    3. If you size the header image really wide, then when the browser window is narrow, much of the header image is missing.

    The reason their is a maximum width set in the newer semi-flexible width themes is partially to keep the header image issues I’ve mentioned from being an issue.


    I should mention that with the custom design upgrade you can change the maximum width to anything you want through the CSS, but the header image quality issue will then become very apparent and you will likely not be happy with it.



    It can be done. Look at omyc.org. I realize that’s a WordPress.org theme, but the header image flexes just fine. Still looking for a WordPress.com theme that can accomplish this.

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