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    how can I get the Flickr panel/box displayed in my side widget? I only get a link to Flickr, but I want the actual box with pictures displayed on the side (featuring previous photo posts in a thumbnail size).



    You could drag and drop your flickr widget into your sidebar.
    -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets



    I did that, but all I get is the link to Flickr. What I really want is pictures displayed in a Flickr container/box, just like I have on my Blogger site. Of course for that Flickr gave me a badge/banner code and I entered it into HTLM in Blogger. Can I do the same on wordpress?


    Member technology and Blogger are not the same so you will have to make some adjustments. This will answer your question on editing templates at What puzzles me is you said you only have a link. That doesn’t sound right at all. These are the instructions from the FAQs blog



    We don’t support the flickr badge, sorry.



    IIRC, the flickr badge is javascript, isn’t it? If so, those are stripped for security concerns.


    It’s obvious what ‘Prettyizzy’ wants and the ‘Key Master’ says you can’t have it!

    That answer is NOT acceptable.

    Many of us are coming over from Blogger because we like the ‘look’ of WordPress etc., only to find we’re losing functionality. No Flickr badge allowed. Reduced Site Meter functionality (and WordPress’s ‘blog stats’ is confusing and not useful). This is annoying. And this is on top of not being able to use a hotmail address!

    WORDPRESS….you have alot of serious work to do. Sort it. Otherwise the flow from Blogger will reverse thrust.



    It’s important to do your research before a move, and functionality is a part of that.

    You always have the option of downloading software and hosting it yourself; then you can do whatever you want with it. The reason security is such a concern here is that it is a shared blogging platform: a change by one person changes things for everyone. If you can’t live with that you do, indeed, need to be somewhere else.

    Making yourself aware of these issues before you move your blog is, of course, the best route.



    Appreciate the feedback. I do think however that most of the ‘public’ will be expecting more, not just different and certainly not less. Still not sure which level I’m dealing with as yet but, it’s early days. Doing research is fine but understanding what’s in front of you takes time and not everyone will understand what’s what so easily. Easy of use is key.



    True enough, but WordPress scores on that. I contribute to two Blogspot blogs and I find WordPress easier to use. What you can’t do here is add in the bells and whistles and advertising that you can at Blogger.

    The solution to people who are looking for that in a WordPress blogging platform does exist, just not here. It’s over at I have a blog there too and once the install is done it’s a straight-up WordPress blog with more flexibility. I choose to do most of my blogging here because I’m not a tinkerer and I don’t expect to make money from my blog at this point.

    There are a spectrum of solutions available. There must, I think, have been some buzz about WordPress vs Blogger recently, just judging from the number of shocked “You mean I can’t…(fill in the blank)…just like I did at Blogger???” threads. I expect there was a mass-migration and that quite a lot of those moved on limited but positive word of mouth, in other words they didn’t know what they were getting into.

    Every blogging platform I’ve used has had unique limitations, and yes, I’ve sometimes leapt before I looked very thoroughly. You have to realize that, as Buckaroo Banzai said, wherever you go, there you are, and further that it’s different from where you have been, and you have to expect and respect that.

    If there are features you want, request them via feedback, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on javascript. Flickr itself, maybe, because they can be negotiated with.



    Or you need to make customization of the flickr-widget better. We need to be able to choose color for example. I just started a blog for testing purpose, and I wont migrate from blogger entirely until better flickr-support.



    What’s being missed here is that is a multiuser blogging platform and because we are on a shared platform security is a concern. Moreover, because security has been a priority here has not gone down like the other blogging platforms that allow bloggers to hack their templates and insert iframes, javascript, forms and embeds.

    Blogger escapees have another choice they can make and that’s to either self host or to hire a webhost and download a free blog template from

    Having read this thread I’m now wondering if the Blogger escapees (I’m one too) have not read this pink sticky post at the head of the forum. They can have everything they want through




    Much obliged.

    merry xmas!



    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. :)

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