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  1. I have been uploading some pics related to my bloggy on flickr and after a slow start a reasonable amount of hits have been coming thru, with each pic you can add url and tag etc, as well there are groups and can add friends-people seem to like browsing other people's pics.
    I hope this helps

  2. Witty spamm... oh, brilliant hit seeker!

  3. no you are quite wrong Babes, I am a hit seeker, but this I hoped would help somebody-maybe it should have gone in support thread I thought after I had posted it-I didn't even leave a link.

  4. except the 100 or so in flickr presumably

  5. Woah... just a minute wheady bear, Flickr actually encourage users to add their blog url with their pics, and actually it's less than 50 and actually I have had groups say please join us we want your pics and also everyone else does.
    the only complaint I have seen is when someone say loads a pic of a pussy cat onto a history group-that is spamming
    I do a little discreet spamming [I prefer to call it luncheon meat] it's true but this is not one instance of it-cor I was just trying to help

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