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Flickr... :(

  1. I try... and I try... I just can't do it. :(

    I have posted the url in from my flickr rss like instructed but all I keep seeing is the dumb white box "More Photos". I also tried:

    Nothing works. I'm pulling my hair out.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I go to your Flickr account, I see

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    Your Flickr account is not Public. Until it is public, the feed will not work.

  3. How do I change this setting?

  4. The only options to share my photos that I have are:

    Who is allowed to share your photos or video?

    You can set a preference that determines whether or not the "Share This" button will show for other people on your public uploads - it will always be available for you on your content.

    The button will never show alongside things that aren't public. (Note that even if you hide this button, people will still be able to grab a URL from the browser address bar and send that around.)

    Only You
    Your Friends and/or Family
    Your Family
    Your Friends
    Your Contacts
    Any Flickr member (Recommended)

    I have it set on "Any Flickr member (Recommended)". That seems to be as about as public as I can get.

  5. schoolfinder72

    Is your Flickr account new? I had the same problem for the first couple of weeks after I set up my Flickr account because Flickr won't allow an RSS feed on unverified accounts. They check out every account to be sure the content matches the privacy level (i.e., no R-rated stuff that is public)--until they get around to doing that, you're Flickr badge won't work. It usually takes a week or two. To see if this is the problem, click on Account, and under "Safety Level" it should say what your content has been rated by Flickr staff.

  6. That's got to be it. Because the images have to be available to the public or the feed won't work.

  7. Thanks schoolfinder, I think that may be the problem. There might be a slightly racy picture in there or two.

  8. so is there a way you can have slightly racy pictures and still make it so your pictures can be viewed publicly? Like blank out thumbnails that are racy?

  9. How new is your account? That might be the issue instead.

    You can set some pictures to Private or whatever, I suppose; instructions to do that would be over at Flickr.

  10. If you have only "a few" "slightly racy" pictures, you can set them to private, and I still think Flickr would rate you as safe. The main thing I think drives them crazy is people who DON'T set racy pictures to private and then try to put them in an RSS feed that any kid (or other person) could see without trying.

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