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Flickr Badge

  1. Where do I put the html code for my Flickr Badge so it will be visible on my site? Links? Thanks.

  2. Links, yes.

    This topic has been discussed a couple of times. As per the FAQ, here's a link to the Search function. I politely suggest just searching for 'Flickr'.

    Good luck,

  3. I'm sorry to be a bother. . . but I still don't understand. I want my flickr to appear like the one on . Can anybody tell me if it's possible to have it on the side like that?

  4. Ok, so after long hours trying to figure this stuff out. . . I went to documentations at the bottom of some page, found Flickr Plug in, and was so happy i found what i was looking for. To my dismay, I couldn't figure out this tantan stuff. . . so if anybody knows simple steps to get the DHTML Flickr Badge (no flash) on my page, LET ME KNOW PLEASE!

  5. mtvtimmy, is hosting his own wp blog that's why he can alter the theme and the required code for it.

  6. So there is no possible way to get the flickr badge on my free wp blog?

  7. You cannot post the kind of code required to have such a badge on at this time.

  8. So say yahoo was hosting my blog, then I could do have the flickr? would it be easy to do or would i have to go through those intracate instructions on tantan's site?

  9. Yes, a Yahoo!-hosted WordPress blog will enable you to post a Flickr badge or any other code on your own site.

    If you are not already familiar with HTML editing, the process of adding the badge might seem complicated.

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