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    Anyone else having problems getting picture blogs to go through? Keep getting error message that it failed. It was working fine the other day with current configurations.

    I’m also checking on the Flickr end, just thought I would check on both sides.



    Could you please explain more clearly exactly what you are experiencing and what you mean by “go through”?



    From Flickr you can select any of your photos and choose “Blog This”, which allows you to post photos straight to your blog without leaving Flickr. Whenever I hit “Post Entry”, I get an error saying that the blog posting failed. Sorry for being vague in my original post.


    Wayne, I have posted from Flickr today with no problems, using the method you described.

    Shirley Buxton

    [URL fixed – drmike]


    i always get the failure message, but the blog entry posts just fine anyway.

    well, usually. i just check the blog in another window, if it doesn’t post, i hit retry until it does.


    That’s interesting. I never get the failure message, but it’s good to know if I do, that perhaps it posted anyway.



    Thanks to everyone for your responses. Seems that whatever the problem was fixed itself. Working like a charm now.



    Good news!

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