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Flickr Broken?

  1. I've had probs with Flickr past several days.

    -First the photos were disappointing
    -I changed display: from five photos to three
    -No photos appeared
    -Then: spaces for photos & borders appeared, no photos
    -Two days: I've removed widget, re-configured, saved, double-clicked "save changes"/refreshed/tried specific address of category, left address blank
    -Now: should show five photos, but it has one small box, blank

    Out of ideas. Solution? Anyone else having Flickr probs?
    Is it WP issue? What to do? Thanx!

  2. Yep I have a similar thing...instead of the pics appearing I just have the pics names..tried to reselct and eit, then saved and no changes. Its been like fo a couple of days but didnt think anything of it becuase it had the words maintainance update where one of the pic names should be...hmmm

  3. Yes, I am having the same problem... I have just decided to give my blog a "picturesque" part, but the widget does not seem to work properly.

  4. To both: You make me happy! I hate it when I can't make seemingly obvious things work; I tried every thought that occured, but Nada.

    I sent in a FEEDBACK request for help. If/when I receive answer where the prob is --Flicker --WP --me, I'll post.

    Thanks for replying.

  5. My Flickr is still broken, some 11 -12 hours after posting. Matt's Page on "Features Page" still has 33 comments --mine don't appear --why is that? Am I being ignored?

  6. I literally just assisted with a flickr link and the images showed straight away.

    We aren't ignoring you - I'll check your blog.

  7. Raising to Current Issue status.

    Would love to help but this looks like a backend issue which I don't have access to help with.

    edit: Aside :)

  8. Thanks for attempt and for raising, Drmike. Things get such prompt attention on WP, even minor ones, it seemed strange for something actually broken to go so long without four.... I miss Flickr...very kewl thing on a blog.

  9. how can i post my picture in flickr into my wordpress blog?

  10. This is now fixed.

  11. Thanks Podz

  12. Um, nope. It ain't fixed. I have the same problem. Flickr widget displays a box with image names but no image.

  13. Staff does read forum threads but if Podz doesn't get back to you soon then the best bet is to send in a feedback as this is a backend issue and if you send in a feedback a ticket will be written making follow-up easier.

  14. Will do, thanks.

  15. Can someone take a look at my blog and tell me what I'm doing wrong with my flickr widget.

  16. This is fixed :)

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