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    Hi all,
    How do I change the size of individual photos I embed from Flickr? I have tried many times without any luck?


    The blog I need help with is



    How exactly were you doing the embed? Can you give us a direct link to an example on your site and the corresponding image on flickr?


    Can post photos no problem but cannot resize despite changing the size option while doing the following.

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    Help me help you by providing me with an example please, as I asked for above. A full description of how you are embedding the images would also help.

    In general, and maybe stating the obvious, you can’t resize the image if you are inserting the images via the oembed method (copy the URL of the image on flickr and paste it on its own line in your post).


    Currently I only know how to post a picture by copy/paste something like this:

    I know very little other than that to be honest other than resizing & grabbing the html/bbc code :

    <iframe src=”” height=”2204″ width=”3920″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>



    OK- I just exited the new Beta experience on flickr and now see what you mean.

    Don’t grab the URL; grab the HTML instead and pick the size image you want to display from the choices available. If you need to resize again after pasting the flickr code in the Post Editor’s Text tab, then switch to the Visual tab, click on the image and you’ll see two icons appear. Then follow these directions:

    Hope that’s it. If not, please post back here.



    You can’t use the iframe setting here on You have to copy/paste the HTML instead, the one that looks like <a href="" title="30-01-14 (17) by South East Angling Services, on Flickr"><img src="" width="800" height="450" alt="30-01-14 (17)"></a>

    Paste that in the Post Editor’s Text tab.



    Well, as usual with flickr, when they make a change to the platform they make it harder for everyone. Seems only the iframe is available in the new beta. If you want to grab the HTML as above, you can’t use the “new fangled experience”.


    Hi yes sorry I have tried copy/paste the HTML and it does not work, also does not work when unlinked via visual editor. Link as below, thanks

    <img src=”” width=”3920″ height=”2204″ alt=”30-01-14 (17)”>


    So basically at this point in time you cannot change the size of flickr to photos? Or have I picked you up wrong?



    What I’m saying is that it depends on how you insert the image.

    When you insert the flickr image directly in the post via copying and pasting the unlinked flickr page URL (oembed) you cannot resize.

    If you copy and paste the HTML flickr gives (like in my example above, not the iframe) you can resize the image after inserting it. I do not know why it did not work for you.

    There is another way to use an image URL and that is by inserting the direct image URL. Here are the instructions:

    If you want to maintain the clarity of the image, you do not want to pull the full-size image from flickr. The content width on your site is much narrower than that. Pick a smaller image so that the image isn’t being dynamically resized to fit or minimally so.

    Also, directly linking to external content depends on the availability of that other site and this can affect load times on your site.


    Thanks for your help but it seems no method is working for resizing despite trying every link and image size. The direct image url does not work in any form. Seems flickr is not my friend. Thanks again.



    I’m sorry this isn’t working for you.

    If you were linking to flickr, right about now you’d be quite unhappy anyway because flickr is down. That means any image that you’d linked to your site would not be appearing.


    No problem we both tried at least.

    I joined flickr a few weeks back and like it but it is not ideal for the blog I must admit. Would you recommend another similar resource?


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