Flickr Frustrations

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    I am new to workpress and I was so excited to find it ….at first. I am very confused abou trying to add my flickr photos to my site.

    I understand that it is different than blogger but seriously using HTML seems so much easier than this and I dont even really know HTML all that well.

    This is what I have tried so far
    ~http: //
    ~http: //

    neither of these have worked for me.
    If there are problems with my pictures I am oblivious to it I have tried to see if I have made a mistake there but I dont think so.

    Please help.

    I am not sure if you only respond on here or if you can email me but here is my email just in case. (email redacted)
    Thank you for your help.


    Even I am facing the same problem..please reply soon…



    Good morning!

    What exactly are you trying to do?

    Put flickr pictures in posts or in the sidebar?



    I’m not using the Flickr widget but all day I couldn’t get into my Flickr account. They were having issues today. Maybe that’s it.



    Did anybody ever figure out what’s wrong with the Flickr widget? Cos I can log onto my Flickr account, but my pic still won’t show up in the sidebar. So I don’t think Flickr is the problem.

    (I’m using the URL listed second on Flickr’s “Show All Sizes” page, the one labeled “Grab the photo’s URL”)



    Might help if we had the URLs you’re trying to use and where you’re getting them from. :)



    I am not sure if this is the same issue but in my flickr sidebar display i get flickr interestingness photos but not my photostream which is what i thought i was going to get.

    my blog is

    i am sure this has been answered in previous posts but i am not too technically minded

    thanks for any help *pleading look*



    Yeah, the URL I am using for the photo is:

    which I think is the right URL to plug in.



    sylviegal, I see the photos fine on your blog. One suggestion though. Do read the posts before posting in a thread. As I suggested to Tuffy, we need to know what specificly you are trying to do. Without information, there’s nothing we can help with.

    Tuffy, that’s a link to a specific photo. That won’t work in an RSS feed. Do you have the URL of the feed you’re trying to use and the URL of wher you got it from please? You can add in that picture though to a Text Widget as an image link if you want.



    Thanks drmike. It would be nice if there was a concise explanation of each available widget on the widget page. Right now, figuring out the basic operation of a given widget requires trips through the faq, the forums and sometimes the documentation.



    It’s even more frustrating when folks don’t answer questions posed to them. :)



    sorry, i tried to explain but must have been not clear enough. In my FLickr sidebar, I don’t see my own photos and this is what I would like to achieve. All I see when I look at my blog are random photos from flickr.

    What other information should i give you?

    all help appreciated



    On here:
    click the blue lines in the Flickr widget.
    In the box that opens enter your own rss feed.



    thanks for the help!! I have managed to work it out now.

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