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    I usually link flickr images and use them in my blogs. but after the image is displayed.. it seems that the small “landscape” icon on the upper left is disabled.. before there was no problem adding captions or adding link or changing size what soever.. why is that. ?

    The blog I need help with is




    hi..airodysey.. Yes, I followed the instructions, the images are linked as usual, and when the blog is posted the image displays as it is supposed to…
    But I noticed since the add media icon has just changed recently, only did this problem came. The problem is not adding images.. it is editing the images after adding them. It makes it hard to add captions, resize or all the other stuff that we normaly do before.

    This happens to some of the images only and most of the previous images are still editable using that icon.

    the support forum doesn’t state that the linked images cant be edited once posted. if this is the new default setting for wordpress, I would like to know as well.. \

    does this have something to do with the images in flickr.? is it because the images are set to “private” causing this.?



    Yes, if the images are set to Private you shouldn’t even be able to embed them in your blog in the first place.



    setting the image private, does not block the image from being displayed. as we are using the html:// address….. [dot] jpeg, extension.. this enables us to share hidden files.. Anyway, I’ tried using google, as the web browser and mysteriously, found out the image is editable again. So i guess I’d just let this be as it is.

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