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    Today is my Day 1 for blogging. I added the Flickr widget, set up a Flickr account, loaded some photos into it, went to My Account, set up a new blog, selected WORDRESS, entered my id and PW, etc until the Flickr site said it was all done and saved.

    But my photos don’t show up. The ones that came with the Flickr widget are still dosplayed.

    What last step am I missing?

    Please and thank you if you have the answer.

    Gary Smith



    I’m not directly familiar with using Flickr on WordPress, but I know this has come up several times before and the answer is there.

    If you use the search box to look for “Flickr widget” or “Flickr” I’m sure you’ll find the answer relatively quickly. I read it no more than a week ago, so it’s still here and near the top of the search. Good luck!



    Usually the issue was the poster was either not setting their account for public dsiplay or they were using an incorrect RSS URL.

    What’s the RSS feed you’re putting into the widget and what Flickr account is this for?

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