Flickr or Picasa Web Album?

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    I’m planning to use image hosting site as a mean to insert photos to my blog without sacrificing my 3GB space.
    I’m confused whether to use flickr or picasa web album?
    Any suggestion from any of you who already using those two services? the advantages & disadvatages, ease of use, compatibility, etc?



    Actually I’ve had way better results with …the free Flickr account resizes your photos (to roughly 500px along the longer line), and doesn’t archive well… the URL is unique as well, which doesn’t make for good archiving either. PhotoBucket lets you set up almost unlimited folders, and you can upload larger photos and give them pretty much any URL you want. I’ve never used Picassa, but from what I’ve seen it’s worse than Flickr.



    Flickr is better for exposure, and it does have more pros using it. It has a richer, deeper-connected culture, and is very tag-savvy; Photobucket was late with that. Picasa has the advantage of automatically uploading pictures to your site, but I’m unsure if this is available on WordPress.COM.



    I would suggest looking into Microsoft’s SkyDrive as another alternative. I use Flickr for individual random shots and SkyDrive for photo albums for my posts. I know, I know…the masses hate Microsoft, but they did an excellent job in their SkyDrive. You get 25 GB of free storage.

    When you upload your photos to a post, it gives you a direct link to that photo album on SkyDrive where the viewer can watch in slideshow format (background changes colors to show off each photo at its best), pane format, download and share. I like the direct link because you can’t see the other photo albums, just the one for the link you click on.


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    And with 3GB of space, you can really store thousands of pictures directly on itself for free.

    They will load faster onto your blog because they don’t have to link to another site before displaying.



    thanks for the responses guys!
    I don’t think I’ll use services that need new registration (photobucket or skydrive, etc). I just want to use what I’ve already got (with my yahoo ID & google ID)! :p
    Still waiting for another response… :D
    Btw, is there a space limit on flickr?



    I find Facebook works well for this purpose – unlimited space and any number of albums.



    Flickr ain’t free* and sure there are different limits.
    (example: max 3 albums on the free account)

    The only limit for PicasaWEB is 1GB. (upgrade possible)

    I use PicasaWeb. It works excellent as a slideshow.
    (direct hyperlink to slideshow)



    Yahoo’s Flickr is not right if you’re looking for free, and Google’s Picasa is super easy and worth every free penny (until you run out of space and have to pay, or you get another free account and end up having to worry about maintaining more than one Google account).

    Microsoft’s Skydrive is better because it gives you 25 gig free.

    Free, free, free.

    BTW, wordpress’s 3 gig free is complicated as it comes with no bells and whistles for you to manage your photographs (like Picasa, Live Photo, etc provides tools and settings). Either case, Microsoft wins hands down in free market.



    I am anti-Facebook user so I wouldn’t upload a thing on Facebook even for free. Photobucket and all serve Ads and how reliable they are compared to long standing, strong companies like Microsoft and Google?



    they all come animated banners en skyscrapers. :-(



    i agree with arifsali that i wouldn’t recommend using Facebook to store photos. They had that huge issue couple months ago about privacy and who owns content on Facebook. Besides, Facebook and Myspace are good if you are like 14…why would you need to post on those sites when you have a WP blog that is much more creative and flexible.

    Reynie, Microsoft has toned down the size of their ads in their new product line that came out this year. SkyDrive has no ads. I rarely notice the ads on Hotmail now, and if you use their Live desktop mail you won’t even get any ads. And their web activities on profile page is awesome…you can put feeds in from 30 other online services that you use so people can keep up with what is new with you. And don’t get me started on how great Live Writer is for blogging. They really are changing to meet today’s demands of computer users. You should give them a second look instead of holding on to past biases.

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