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  1. Hi,
    As suggested I pasted the RSS link in the text box in the Flickr widget in the sidebar widget. But I am not getting my photos in Flickr photos. How can I get my own photos in the Flickr photos? Thanks

  2. I'm voting that what you put in your RSS feed box is incorrect because if you notice on the "more pictures" link, it points back to your blog. That's not correct.

    What did you use for your RSS feed link? Remember to paste it here inside the backticks for it to show up. That's the mark above your Tab key.

  3. To configure the flickr widget go to your admin panel, and click the little blue-topped square with text in it. This is the configuration settings for the widget. What we're interested in here is the Flickr RSS URL. Here is where you tell the widget how to get the feed for your pictures.

    To get the feed URL to put into this box, log onto flickr & then select "Yours" from the list at the top of the page. This shows you just your own pictures. Now on this page scroll down to just above the grey area at the bottom, and you'll see the following:

    Feeds for *username* photostream Available as RSS 2.0 and Atom

    Right-click on the RSS 2.0 link and select "Copy Link Location" or "Copy shortcut" depending on your browser.

    Now go back to the WordPress panel & Edit->Paste this url into the widget. Save it and your photos should now appear on your blog.

    Good luck,

  4. HI dr.mike,mutube,
    Thanks a lot I got it.But I now face another problem.When I upload images in the WRite POst/page sections only the text gets uploaded and the images do not appear.Help. Thanks

  5. Glad you've got the flickr thing working.

    Where are you uploading images from - your computer or sending via flickr? I checked out your site and it appeared to be working.

    If you're in the basic editor, images will show up like <img src="something or other"> rather than actually appearing. In the rich text editor, if it's showing up just text it probably can't find your image.

    Give us a sample post & I'll se what I can do.

  6. I am about a week old on WordPress. Last week it was nice to see the Flickr widget titled Flickr Photos [showing 3 photos - not mine!]. But today I open my wordpress blog and see a white rectangle with More Photos written inside it. What happened to the images? Is there a bug somewhere? Help! I was falling in love with WordPress till this glitch hit my Flickr widget!


  7. Hey, I've solved this in a matter of seconds. For this I have to thank Mutube for his advice on 20.4.06. I followed his instructions. I am learning! I'm happy to see my own photos appearing. This is like getting life! [for my blog, I mean!]

    Thanks, Mutube!


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