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Flickr problems

  1. I've been searching, but I don't see an answer, so please forgive if this has already been covered. I'm trying to post a Flickr widget. The widget says to post the URL for the RSS on my homepage at Flickr, but there's no URL, just a button which doesn't seem eager to yield any specific addresses. I made a "badge" and tried posting it in the Flickr widget and in the text widget, both in the subject and the body areas, but this didn't work either. I had the same problem trying to post an Etsy feed and finally gave up. Anyone got any wisdom for me? (And please keep in mind--computerese is unfortunately not my gift.)

    Thanks so much,


  2. Are you using Firefox? If you are, hover the cursor on the feed button and right click: Copy Link Location. That's your URL for the feed. You can also just click on it and get the feed URL that way.

  3. Thanks, Raincoaster

    I did that--hopefully I'll remember it, because I'm sure it'll be useful. Unfortunately, it didn't get me any flickr photos on my blog, but it did get me the link. I pasted it into the flickr widget thingie, but all it did was put a Flickr Photos text up and beneath it, a box that says "more photos." Any ideas?

    Thanks again,


  4. I don't see that anywhere on your blog. What exact URL did you put in?

    BTW you are using so many tags/categories that you are not going to be listed on the global tag pages. You'll want to use no more than 12 on any given post.

  5. Oops! I just thought the more tags you put on, the easier it was for interested people to find you. Thanks for telling me. I was just thinking that I hadn't given the address for my blog. I have two, but the one I'm trying to put Flickr on isn't the one my name links to. It's

    Thanks for all your efforts and your advice on the tags,


  6. Yes, but what FLICKR feed URL did you put in? That's what I need to know. Because it looks to me like you didn't put the Flickr URL in at all, but the WordPress one. You need the feed for the Flickr stream, not which is what's in there now.

  7. That's weird, RC, because when I looked at the widget, it had in it, but I erased it and put it back in, and now it seems to be working--only I'd prefer it to put in random photos. There was a badge in flickr that was supposed to do that, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work--I tried putting it into the text widget--didn't work.

    Anyhow, this is good enough, and I sure appreciate your help on it. :)


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