Flickr – Rectangle Arrangement.

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    Hi, I’m new here in I have used and typo before – one of the things I liked in Typo, is that the Flickr album can be sorted horizontally instead of the current vertical, is it possible to do that here ?



    Hi, anyone ? :)


    sorry, it’s not possible. there are hard coded line breaks between the images.



    Oh darn it, I’m going to suggest and option for rectangular sorting – like how TYPO has done it ! :)

    Changing to: Not a support question.


    we could start begging for flickrRSS to be installed here. it’s a whole lot less ugly.



    Best bet for this is to submit a feedback from your dashboard. The link is at the upper right of your admin side.

    Just for reference, the main support person here is ringing a bell for Salvation Army for a few weeks but there are a lot of great folks helping out here as well.

    Typo, huh? Interesting software. Not something I’d give to a what we would call a soccer (football to you) mom here in the States though.

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