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flickr slideshow embeds have disappeared

  1. In continuation of this forum thread which is now closed, as of today at least, the ability to use the oembed method with flickr slideshows has disappeared again. (example)

    The only thing left behind is a notice that flickr doesn't allow embedding in iframes (screenshot)

    Thanks for looking into it.

  2. Hello Jennifer,

    Sorry about that. I've coursed this to our devs to have a look. Let me get back to you when I hear updates. Thanks!

  3. Hi there,

    As an update, we're still looking into this. Thanks for your patience!

  4. Hey Jennifer,

    Really sorry about the delays. We're currently experiencing a backlog in our to-do list. Rest assured that we haven't forgotten about this one. Thank you!

  5. I am also interested in this issue, I use Flickr and WordPress since long time ago, most of my pictures appears in slideshows... I am very dissappointed... :-(

  6. Hi Andrew-Any word on when we might expect a fix for flickr slideshow embeds?

  7. Hello there,

    I apologize about the delay. I haven't received word about it yet, but I'll follow up on this after the weekend and try to get a fix soon. Thank you!

  8. Hello,

    I wan to continue a closed tread, shawnajroberts (staff member) told me to follow in this tread (Original tread).

    I want to know (this is the most important for me), in the video case Is a wordpress or mozilla bug?

    Please keep in mind:
    * slideshows are no more supported by Flickr in safari they show a message.
    * Video works, I don't know if both (video and slideshows) are the same bug, if not, I think is better to work to solve the video issue.

  9. I'm looking forward to an update on this issue :) Thank you

  10. A staff member move me from my original report to this one where no any update is done, I feel we lost our time and work (i do a detailed report) :(

  11. @fredyrouge - I'm not sure why that Staff person closed your thread and directed you to this one.

    You asked about flickr videos. My thread (this one) is about embedding flickr slideshows. They're not the same thing.

    Looking at the Support doc on flickr videos, all the embedded videos on that page work for me in Chrome 35.

    The flickr support thread that you pointed to doesn't have a thing to do with embedding videos from flickr to What that thread is about is the change on flickr to not support direct posting from flickr to through the flickr API. I posted about that here

    But that would not affect embedding flickr videos using the instructions in the Support document.

    I think you've been inadvertently misled.

  12. @justjennifer Fliker Video works in chrome but not in Firefox. I do a detailed report in my tread.

    I agree with you, my video and your slides issues aren't the same problem. I want to go back to my original request but is closed.

    Can any staff member re-open my video related tread ?

  13. Running FF30 with Win7, all the videos in the Support doc work for me.

    I've tagged this for Staff assistance in reopening that thread (no guarantees) and for getting an update on the slideshow issue.

  14. Hello,

    Thanks to your feedback related with Firefox I realize that is not a Firefox or WordPress bug, is caused by https everywhere plugin.


  15. @fredyrouge - It sounds like you've got this resolved (thanks, justjennifer!) but if you continue to have trouble please go ahead and start a new forum thread about it so we can help with that.

    Our team doesn't yet have an update about the Flickr slideshows. Their new embeds don't support slideshows, so it's possible the old embed method we were using isn't supported any longer, either. I'm waiting to get more news from our developers, but you may need to switch over to using our built-in slideshows.

  16. @rachelmcr-you're welcome, even though I didn't do anything other than prod fredyrouge to continue poking around his settings. You should probably reopen his closed thread and note his solution. :) Oh, I see that someone did already reopen that thread. Posted!

    After flickr API changes and their move to using only https, it's a shame that something that has been working since oembed was added to WordPress core is now broken. I hope that this will eventually be addressed by WordPress.

    Compared to the WPcom built-in slideshow, the biggest advantages of the flickr slideshow are the option to click through to a full-screen slideshow and the line of thumbnail images which can be seen when hovering over the slideshow display which allows a viewer to skip around rather than needing to view many images consecutively (and sometimes very slowly).

  17. FWIW perhaps WPcom should look at developing a shortcode conversion for the slideshow code given by flickr, which is currently done with a lot of other shortcodes like Google Maps, etc. Otherwise, we'll have to go the gigya shortcode route until that no longer works.

    By the way (and slightly OT) I can't help but note, perhaps with a tad of amusement, that both the Flickr Developer's blog ( and the Flickr blog are hosted by WPcom VIP.

  18. Hello
    I'd like to get news from the WP support of embeded slidshow from Flickr.
    Maybe it is necessary to develop the shorcode WP to support Flickr ?

  19. Anything in the works? Over 2 months and flickr's slideshows are still missing.

  20. Hello Jennifer,

    Sorry about the delay! It looks like Flickr had stopped support for slideshow embeds and our developers are sad to report that there currently is no workaround for it. However, they are trying to contact a few folks at Flickr in the hopes of sorting this out. I'll let you know what happens!

  21. Thanks, Andrew. So if the oembed method doesn't work any longer, can we at least hope for a shortcode conversion for flickr's embed code?

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