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Flickr Support?

  1. I remember a while back there was Flickr support then it was pulled. What happened to it?

  2. That's strange. Why would they not support flickr when they support YourTube?

  3. It was accidentally put into the core when it should have been a plugin. We'll bring the plugin back.

  4. Not to start a new thread, is that still coming? Because being able to put in pictures easily would be amazing. Also, Zooomr apparently uses the Flickr API, so would it be possible to somehow make the whole thing possible? Easy photoblogging is an appealing idea...

  5. You can also "Blog this" from inside Flickr. I use it all the time.

  6. Is there a way to embed slideshows from flickr onto my post here in

  7. Donncha answered this in another thread. Not sure why you add to ask it three times though.

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