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Flickr Widget

  1. Can anyone find a fickr widget for wordpress installed on paid hosting.

    I would like a flickr widget that gets the 10 interesting photos, exactly the same as the Flickr Widget installed on WP.COM blogs.

    Where can I find one?

    Joseph Cheng

  2. Plugins for self hosted WordPress blogs. You may want to review the page concerning images.

  3. ok guys, I've just spent two hours looking for "Flickr widget" for "paid hosting". There are some plugins at the page drmike wrote above, but they are not Flickr Widget we know from Is there THE widget somewhere...?

  4. A Google search has turned up this page in the main wp codex

    This lists a few widgets for Flickr, one of which I think will do what you need.

    This should really have been posted over at the support site as the is really only for hosted blogs. Cause we're so nice though... ;)

  5. ups, sorry - didn't realize... :) Hope it'll help a few other users. Thanks!

  6. Sorry for my ignorance. Is there a way to point the RSS feed to a specific set of picts from Flickr. I want to just display picts realted to the blog and not my lastest general picts. Can I only do that with tags?


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