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Flickr Widget

  1. I have a generic flickr widget on my page. I want my flickr page. I found the url to add, but where do I add it?

  2. You could always add it to your blogroll by going to Admin => Blogroll => Add Link. As well, you could add it as a text widget. Here is an FAQ on that.


  3. Go to Presentation->Widgets
    Click on the small box with horizontal lines inside it on the Flickr Widget
    Enter the RSS URL in the field that asks for it
    Click on the x in the upper right corner to close the widget settings
    Click Save Changes

  4. Hello*
    Judyb12, I did that too. Copy and paste the flickr feed url, and my images are not showing up. I saved before viewing the site, but is not working. I also followed instructions from FAQ, but still don't know why my images from flickr are not showing up.
    Perhaps I am missing something?
    Please, any help. Does this happened to anyone else?

  5. Can you provide a link to your blog so we can see it?

    This may sound silly but I can click on your names and see your blogs, but mine is not do I need to change settings and where so people will be able to see my blog?
    Thanks raincoaster.

  7. Ok :) I added the link, now is working.
    I will appreciate any help regarding flickr widget. (my images not showing)

  8. I see you got it, good for you.

    The Flickr widget is not working because you don't have the Flickr RSS feed URL in it; you have your WordPress blog URL in it instead.

    Why don't you copy the code you pasted into the widget and then we can take a look? Put it between backticks, which are the little apostrophe-like thing just below the ~ on your keyboard. Doing that preserves the code so we can read it all.

  9. I think I have that problem too. When i click on the Feed icon in Flickr, it directs me to a page that explains how to subscribe to that feed. Where is the URL?

  10. What's the web page that explains how to subscribe to the feed? We might be able to figure it out from there.

  11. This is the url I copied in the space provided:
    I will be back, that's the url and is at my flickr widget space, but, still, images are not showing....Thanks so much for your help!

  12. My images from flickr are not showing (using flickr widget here)
    Please, anyone can help me? I think I have done everything to make it work...but still? THANK YOU.

  13. The URL that you gave worked for me fine. I'd double check to see you;ve got it correctly in there.

  14. Thanks drmike...
    So can you see my images with the URL I pasted? It's wierd because I can't....
    I do have a widget above My Flickr, I am taking about the RSS feed from flickr, which is below the vertical widget you see.

  15. When *I* use the URL that you posted here, I see the images fine. I do not see them on your blog. That's why i suggested that you double check the URL you have in the widget because something is incorrect oin the widget.

  16. I believe nothing was incorrect on the widget. I gave up and took off the "My flickr" widget from it and only left the "text widget" (tiny images). Perhaps is not possible to have two RSS url from same flickr account at the same time, maybe members are allow to either have one link URL or the other, not both, I guess. Don't you think? Would that be the reason?
    But thanks so much for your attention drmike, trully appreciate your help.

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