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    I want to add specific images from Flickr but not the most recent ones. I played around by deleted some sets and images in Flickr and re-loading them so that (I thought) they would be considered “recent”. But they would show up as blanks on my blog. Is it Flickr that is recognizing that the old location is gone or WordPress? I waited a few days just to make sure, then I ended up removing the widget altogether. Either way – any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    We need a link to the blog, starting with http.



    My blog is Thanks!


    Check this: > “Can I use the feeds of a particular Tag?”

    (I’m not familiar with Flickr, but maybe this could be what you’re looking for?)



    Panos, thanks but I saw this already which is what prompted met to ask this question. I don’t know how to make the images that I want to use become “recent” in flickr. Maybe I should try Flickr Support.


    Ah ok. Sorry I can’t help. Support page says “apply a specific tag to each photo in a set, and then use the tag feed with the widget”, so apparently your problem is a Flickr issue, not a WP issue.

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